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Oh hey. It’s Tom Hiddleston in a vampire movie. I have very mixed feelings.

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do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 

Do you ever just realize you are an adult and you still have no money.

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This is an accurate representation of a real relationship.

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Box - The Creators Project

This is mind blowing, all taken with one shot and only using projectors on a blank canvas. Saw this on Paul Dateh’s youtube nation playlist.

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@Anonymous "I really need some advice. I'm 21 years old in a ldr and very much in love. I want to go and see my ldr, but I know my parents would never approve of our relationship and think I'm crazy. I love him and he loves me so much. Things at home aren't so good but I'm close to my mom and would never want to hurt her. I know that I'm an adult that goes to school and has a job but I let my parents control my life alot. What should I do just leave or not go? Also, telling my parents isn't an option."

I feel that since you are 21 years old, you have the right to pursue who and what you want. But if you’re really fearing of even alerting your parents, maybe you should have him come visit you? It seems as if you’re current situation is more complex, and it seems harder for you to leave what you have: School, job, and your parents. Just try to have a friend that will let him crash at their place.

I never personally dealt with Long distance, but my younger sister did. She had a guy in alaska, while she was in vegas. He flew down to see her and spend a week or so with her. Our parents would never had allowed her to even be in a relationship, so much as with him. She had to sneak out a lot and say she was staying with a friend, but she always says she never regretted it, and that it was one of the most happiest times in her life.

On the part of not letting your parents know, I get it. I’m Korean and have really strict parents when it comes to dating. My dad has this obsessive complex, its like reverse Oedipus, and he doesn’t even want me to get married, he just wants me to grow old with him and take care of him. My mother is just racist when it comes down to it, and she admits it. Most of my boyfriends were hispanic or filipino, I mean I dated Korean guys and white guys, but I just never really told my parents and hid it from them. I mean as I got older though I realized my mom was a bit more open, and knew my position when she was my age, and that dating was something I would go through either way. My dad is still the same, but he told me I can get married only if the guy is Korean. Oh and if you’re scared of getting disowned, its not a big deal, I’ve been disowned a few times already, but your parents are your parents and they’ll always love you. Trust me.

To be honest you have a few options:

1. Have him visit you, while you sneak out or go out and say you have another shift at work or hanging out with friends.

2. Tell your parents and hope they would understand. And go for it.

3. Or stay home.

I don’t really give good love advice, sorry, and I don’t know your personal story or what you’re going through, but I hope you can eventually find a solution for your problem.

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I’ve thought about you. A letter to my first love.

Note: I wrote this after doing an over nighter, I have no idea why. And I’m too lazy to proofread and edit at the moment. This is not a “I miss you, come back”, this is a “I’m happy for that time we had and thank you”. 

I remember the times we had. When we created the first experiences together that triggered our connection to being truly human. The first sensation of being so curious. Of being vulnerable. Going beyond than what we initially perceived. You opened my eyes. I was able to learn on how to begin. Only after that did I learn on how to learn.

Through you, I experienced joy so incredible, that it would overwhelm me day and night. I felt myself truly anxious of seeing you, seeing what the next moment was to come. Through you, I felt the ability to confide, to trust. We learned together. We developed together. You helped me build the foundation of who I am today. 

It was naive, it was quite ambitious, it was clumsy, it was beautiful, it was natural, it was us feeling the world. You were my first in this existence, the one I allowed myself to completely devout myself to. My mind, my spirit, my time, my dreams, my hopes, my ideas, my sleep, my thoughts, every matter in my being that made up me.

Though as lovely as it was, I learned more than the joys of life. I felt pain, a type I never experienced at the time, but it was necessary for me in order to grow. I felt deep anger and hatred that was misguided. I felt cold. I felt as if I was nothing. I drifted from myself. I felt what it was like to be cut off from that love, that embodiment of what appeared to be two souls together. Although at the time, that was what I thought. For I never can be completely cut off from you, and you never left.

I was eventually able to rise from all of that. I took what was me, that I wanted to keep, and parts of you. I needed to leave room for me to continue changing and growing. It was a requisite in order for me evolve, not as a better me, but the person who I am today and meant to become. I was able to look back and feel slight embarrassment and light heartedly laugh at myself of who I was. To discover why I did things, and why I no longer do. To understand that the appearance of maturity was a facade of a child playing adult, and that the total acceptance of my nature was all I needed to desire and acquire. You gave me those tools, and I overlooked them as a mere side effects of being in love. But from that I learned, if you were able to love me entirely, then surely I can too. 

If i can recover from that, I have changed from a simple and basic form of a human being, but to a complex creature. I can truly appreciate and understand what I have, Yes I can love fully but do it correctly and not carelessly. Know when to be foolish and what not to be foolish with. Love more, knowing I don’t have a limit. Because I was able to go beyond the original limit I thought I had before you. And I thank you for that. 

You said to me, “I choose to remember the positive. we were a good team, while we had it." And we were. We complemented each other quite nicely. At the time. When we were young and learning. I mean I still am to this day. I was 14 when us began. But our time was done, we had crossed each others lives meant to meet but not for long. You gave me the support, the shove, the next step to move on to what life intended for me to see. 

We are now different people from who were 6 years ago. Though I can see the parts of you from back then, that have become you entirely today. It was the you, you always wanted to be, but couldn’t see or was blocked from. The same with me. I am still learning and changing. I know that the current us, the people we were to become would no longer work together. We have to many differences, and we would compare us to who we were and our relationship was. We would grow apart, because we changed and evolved from that. We would feel contained and restrained and furious at each other, because we didn’t allow us to venture out farther then what we had. Because we thought all we had was the high point of our lives. 

I’m glad that we parted ways, I have no resentment. I am glad because of how much we were able to change each other lives through it and able to continue even more today. We helped each other to become who we are as an individual in this vast universe, and also lead us to the one we were meant for in this life. And I think he thanks you for that.

Though as far as we go, you will always be a part of me. You will always be the guy who messed up my mile run in PE, because you surprised me with a guitar and bouquet asking me to be your valentine with a song you wrote. You will always be the one who told me the word ban in spanish is like the word bbang in korean. You will always be the only one to ever call me Chonda Eep. You will always be the one who showed me more music and took me to my first concert, and a screamo one. You will be the reason I know about Salvadorian food. You are the cause of why I always feel slightly self conscious of my writing. You are the origin of my natural reaction to people is to say “Stupid!”  You will be my first true best friend. You will always be my first love. 

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Dusty and Shadow, the boys eating and chilling during their play time (they have a separate area for living quarters), I give them the kitchen. Also my dad was visiting and had dusty laying on my him and giving him a bunny massage (I guess).

I’ve been planning to get them fixed, but it’s costly. I know that when two male bunnies have hit sexual maturity all they will do is try to kill each other. In the beginning of their friendship they would groom each other (and we keep them separate), then as we let them meet for play time dusty would just try to show his dominance and mount shadow and groom him. Then they started to fight which was scary. So we kept them separated. Then one morning they broke the fence separating them and never fought again. They straight up live together in peace in the same open space. Dusty no longer mounts shadow. They eat, sleep, groom, poop, and play together. Everyday, all day.

Should I be worried? They both have hit sexual maturity and have been living like this for months. They never fight or try to show any form of dominance. The both groom each other equally. Shadow is 1-2 months younger than dusty, and just acts like a little brother and follows him everywhere. Dusty is rarely aggressive, he has only nipped me once the entire time I’ve had him. I check for any scars or bleeding, there is none. Is this considered odd? Or is this just bunny brother bonding to the max?

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@lovemeansbeinglovable "You're beautiful. Don't lose who you really are and don't ever change from the Heuna I remember back in our teenage years :) <3"

Thank you Geffery <3! I won’t, I’m just learning to embrace that girl even more :).

I just realized you had a tumblr and you have been following me this whole time. Ahaha, finally following back :)!