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This is how you do a coffee run in the morning.

17 06.26.12

Okay I never made “cafe art” before or even attempted to. I just pretended I was cool and messed around. And this tiny leaf popped out. I literally screamed for a second. I was so happy. Yes I know its not impressive at all ahaha. The small things in life. Seriously I got more excited making this tiny leaf then getting ready to go to Disneyland in two hours.

1 05.18.12

My work :].

2 05.09.12

First day of work went pretty well :]! I like the part where they welcome me ahaha :]!

4 05.01.12


I’m making the omgah face write now. You know why?


I’m really happy, seriously. The gig is It’s a Grind. I really miss being a barista so I’m super excited. I still have my old apron with my name personalized on it. I rather be doing this instead of retail or doing fast food. Honestly though, I just love being in a coffee shop, it’s one of my favorite places to go. Plus I miss the free drinks and tea. Ahahaha, no but really I’m happy. I hope I get it, and not jinx it.

OH THANK GOD I’M NOT DOING BOBA, THOSE PLACES ARE AN ASIAN HELL. And I’m not Taiwanese, so I would feel super nervous when Taiwanese people get all angry at me for being Korean, not able to tell them their total amount in an language I have no interest in.

I’m actually kind of happy that it is It’s a Grind. I used to go to it all the time late at night, it became my second home, I loved it :]. I’m jinxing myself.

4 04.27.12