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So I just read the speech bubble that I wrote for a fictional comic character.

And literally said in my head,”Shut up Wade.”

I must be insane.

2 04.16.12

So instead of being studious I did this.

I drew on my macbook pro. I don’t know why. I love the perfection and the purity a mac holds. Though I quickly realized… Lead pencil doesn’t actually harm it, and it’s easy to erase. So I drew my favorite Marvel characters. Oh also. I don’t draw.

Iron Man, just because he’s actually my secret goal to be in life. And he’s freaking awesome. This also the second time I drew him ever.

The first time I drew Iron Man was for a paper brown mask I wore at Disneyland. I also drew the teenage mutant ninja turtle. Note: I had to sing it it get the whole title out of my mouth correctly.

Then I drew Deadpool for the first time evah. Deadpool is also one of my favorites. And he’s freaking awesome. Plus he breaks the fourth wall, which is what he continues to do in the speech bubble given to him. If you can’t read it, he says,”Drawing on your MacBook Pro is for sure going to help you graduate college!”

I like it a lot. I think I’ll continue this. As my self motivation/mocking to keep myself mindful of what I am doing and should be doing.

4 04.16.12