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An assignment I did.

For this assignment for my English class we had to write a Personal Narrative Essay. It’s pretty much telling of when I got mugged for my iPhone at McDonalds. I’m mainly posting this, because I haven’t posted/created any form of writing for a while. I know there’s some typos, gramatical errors, and overall not that great. I’m just far too tired to care at the moment. Plus this is the “working draft”, and I all I need was a thousand words, and here it is. All 1039 words of it.


I placed my inadequate excuse of a breakfast in front of me, a McDonalds Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Value Meal. Supposedly holding the energy to fuel the functionalities of my brain. All as a form of preparation to face another day at the institute across the street, Spring Valley High School, one of the many schools given little recognition in Las Vegas. The facility where I gained my daily supplement of mediocre education, but of course in its perfected district approved form.

Though the rest of the day may omit sorrow and wasteful moments of desired sleep, this “breakfast” was my simple moment of satisfaction. I sat in my booth at peace, contemplating my daily sorts of irrelevant and eventually discarded thoughts. Feeling a bit of contentment for once, and enjoying myself after recently healing from strep throat. It was a pause, on a constant rerun. I continued to eat my meal, and allowed myself to be indulged into the contents of a mere text message. But the contents of that text message were no longer existent in my memory, for the moment that occurred right after became one of the most vibrant and clearest memories I could ever recall to this day.

An iPhone screen suddenly transitioned to the face of a young African American teenager. He looked to be a 16-18 year old male, possibly 5’10-6’0, athletic, and all including a hand on my iPhone. He looked at me with a bewildered and shocked expression across his face. Accounting the factor of my two hands were still tightly holding the phone, he processed the situation. Leading to the result, a failed attempt at robbing my phone. His response, poorly executed words of reasoning, attempting to justify his actions.

He demanded, “Hey, Let me see your phone!” with every syllable he jerked struggling to take my phone.

I replied with slight anger, “No. Go away I don’t know you.”

 “Yeah you do, NOW LET ME SEE YOUR PHONE.” he proclaimed with false pretense.

“No, I don’t. Leave me alone!” I responded. At that moment our banter had ended for he had lifted me out of my seat, allowing both of us to assess the situation. He revealed his distressed thoughts across his face, as he came to understand I stood only a couple of inches shorter from his own physique. Realizing that it would take more than just a couple of tugs and shouts to steal from this supposedly meek Asian girl he had originally thought was an easy victim to prey on.

He pulled me away from my booth towards the front of the registers, all in view for every eye that was in that McDonalds. Suddenly with myself being positioned in such manner, I received an adrenaline rush; causing myself to be fixated on one goal, get the phone by all means necessary. All other thoughts and fears were blinded by my current anger driven by this rush.

He swung his body towards me, trying to knock my balance off. I stagger backwards a bit. He pulls onto the phone trying to take advantage of my instability. Right then he kicks the back of my knee, as I hold onto my prized possession. I trip and fall to the floor, and he suddenly kicks me on the ground. The event of this entire beating witnessed by this merciless audience. With every eye, following every kick. He then heads toward the exit at the side of the building, while he drags my disheveled self outside. Right then I intertwine my legs, locking his ankles. Causing him to immediately collapse into the drive through. We both struggled on the ground, while still having a firm grasp on the phone. He then fakes a pass at the phone towards a hidden accomplice. I fall into his trap, averting my hands towards the other boy. Allowing the attacker pry my fingers off the phone.  He then stands up with his unjust triumph and bolts out of the current situation.

Before my mind can even process what the best probable solution may be. I see myself 10 feet behind the quick assailant, chasing him with an unresolved anger residing within me.  Something greater than the mere anger of being mugged hinders my sense of fear. It allowed me to ignore the apparent trail of blood that has appeared all over my leg. In this instant, it did not matter what treacheries I would have to face, all that seemed to have any importance was to not allow the enemy win. At this point I belittled my foe, as if his very existence symbolized the disgust in humanity. It was my duty to not allow him to escape, my duty to humanity.

As I ran, all I could see was his green backpack bobbing up and down in front of me. Followed by the pattern of the sidewalk constantly rolling in front of me as an infinite loop of film. A sudden interruption in the loop shows my feet, bare.  I realize that I have lost my shoes at this point, and that my bare feet, were not exactly bare as my blood enveloping the exposed skin. My consciousness was no longer blinded as I realized we had entered a rougher area of town, after seeing the multiple evidence of trash and glass on the sidewalk. I look up and quickly glance at a flash of bright green light with the words printed, Decatur Boulevard, realizing the fact we both ran 3 miles.  

Then a sudden change of events occurs, the obstacle in this marathon. A 9’ gated fence. As I see my opponent heading towards the blockage, I began to feel an early victory arriving, and allow myself to breathe deeply for once. Though as soon as I exhale, the unexpected occurs. The fleeing robber converts from sprinting into a graceful jump, as if produced from an Olympic pole vaulter. Leaping over this gate that I had at one point regarded as a sanctuary turned in less than a minute into my abyss. I came before a halt and spectated the escape of my enemy, the abduction of my phone, and ultimately my hope in humanity abandoned before my eyes.

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